Starting from a list of gene IDs with optional expression values
Starting from a single count table (RNAseq) or intensity table (microarray)
Starting with several gene expression tables for meta-analysis
Uploading RNAseq fastq files to our Galaxy server for mapping & quantification
Starting with a network file (sif, graphml, json)

News & Updates

  • Added support for gradient background and bi/tripartite network layout (09/03/2020);
  • Consolidated the interface for network selection and network tools (08/20/2020);
  • Added PPI data for host and 15 parasites as well as host and microbiome (08/07/2020);
  • Added support for signaling network analysis based on the SIGNOR 2.0 Repository (07/28/2020);
  • Added support for page sharing - click the to share interactive visual analytics results with your collaborators! (05/18/2020);
  • Added support for the Human Reference Interactome (HuRI) map (05/13/2020);
  • Added support for edge bundling in 2D network view (04/09/2020);
  • Added support for functional analysis for users upload network files (02/22/2020);
  • Fixed the issue with InnateDB ID mapping (02/17/2020);
  • Added support for colorblind-friendly schema in network and heatmap visualization (01/10/2020);
  • Updated all gene ID annotation files based on the latest database (NCBI, Uniprot, StringDB and Biomart) (12/16/2019);
  • The Current Selection panel in Network View page now shows Fold Change (FC) values for genes selected (11/29/2019);
  • Fixed the broken link for project management (save/delete) (11/20/2019);
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Please Cite

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  • Xia J, Gill E, and Hancock REW (2015) "NetworkAnalyst for Statistical, Visual and Network-based Approaches for Meta-analysis of Expression Data" Nature Protocols 10, 823–844
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  • Xia, J., Fjell, C.D., Mayer, M., Pena, O.M., Wishart, D.S. and Hancock, R.E.W. (2013) “INMEX - a web-based tool for integrative meta-analysis of expression data”. Nucleic Acids Research 41, W63-W70. (meta-analysis)
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